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Currently the Nanaimo Chess Club meets at the MGM restaurant at 240 Nicol Street, Nanaimo on Wednesday nights. Typically players start showing up around 6 pm.

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BC Open

The Nanaimo Spring Open March 3-4, 2018

We are set for the 2018 Nanaimo Spring Open. We are going back to a two day format - as an extra $200 rent makes a 3 day event uneconomical for a tournament the size of the Nanaimo Open. Having two days also reduces the cost to players from out of town, making the Friday night stay optional.

The last event was a success with the help of the Victoria Chess.  We had 22 players and if needed we could squeeze in another row of tables to bring the total to 30.

We will keep the time control SD/90 + 30 second increment, but this will result in a late third round (starting around 7:00PM and potentially going to 11:00 PM). 

Hope to see you all there!