The Nanaimo Open Chess Tournament


Clubs in Nanaimo

Currently the Nanaimo Chess Club meets at the MGM restaurant at 240 Nicol Street, Nanaimo on Wednesday nights. Typically players start showing up around 6 pm.

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Upcoming Tournaments


The Nanaimo Winter Open December 8-10, 2017

Registration is getting close to our max!  Currently at 19 registered or commited and remeber we are capping registrations at 26.

Now at the Coast Bastion Hotel. First round is on Friday Evening. Click current Tournament for details.

Many thanks to the Victoria Chess, Paul LeBlanc and Roger Patterson for supporting chess in Nanaimo.

The Nanaimo Spring Open March 9-11, 2018

We have booked our room at the Coast Bastion Hotel for this event as well. If the Winter Open is successful we will continue on with the Spring Open in the larger 1200 sq. ft. ballroom there.